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Normally, when one buys a car for the purpose of using it for backpacking, it is thought of as a luxury. This is not true of New Zealand. One can actually save money doing this. If you are looking to visit Aotearoa for a short time, this can afford you with some serious convenience. And the fact that NZ has so many Japanese vehicles of immense reliability means that getting a cheap car is very easy.

Be sure that you are aware of any issues of a mechanical nature. This will help you to get a decent price when you sell it. Also remember that if you have bought the vehicle for some summer road trips, you won’t be the only people doing this. The time of year you buy the car will have an effect on how much it can be valued at.

Online or Offline Market Place

The online auction scene is a very popular place for people to buy cars from. A heavy hitter in this area is the almighty Trademe. However, don’t completely discard the more traditional printed media for some of your advertising needs. It really is best to cast a wide net. Do keep an eye out for cars being sold on the side of the road. There could be some gems out there that you could miss if you don’t keep your wits about you.

How much you know about cars can impact where you eventually decide to sell your car. This is why it can end up being quite cheap to buy vehicles from the auction websites. If you decide to buy from a dealer, they will give you a warranty as well.

What City Should You Buy your Car From?

If you want to get a variety of choices that are affordable as well, you will have less trouble doing so in Wellington or Christchurch. But don’t feel that you are restricted to those towns. There are places to do just as well elsewhere. Places to visit when you are in any city: hostel receptions, garages, hostel noticeboards, as well as local auto shops.

Important Things to Look At:

  • You won’t want to buy a car that turns out to have bad rust issues. Look for rust issues.
  • Check the headlights to make sure they aren’t clouded or broken. Lookout for cracked casings.
  • Lookout for oil leaks. Get a person to look at your car’s exhaust while you are revving the engine. Very black smoke can be a sign that there is a leak.
  • Does the engine turn over with much smoothness? Make sure it does. Don’t forget to check the oil. It needs to be new oil, not old oil.
  • Does the steering wheel have a smooth turning action? A worn out axle has warning signs, and one of them is a steering wheel is pulling to the right or left.
  • Look at the automobile’s maintenance history. It will illuminate whether or not the vehicle has been taken care of well, while showing you what problems you may expect in the future.



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