How wreckers work?

Scrap yards are incredibly important to us as a society. Without these amazing places, how would we recycle cars? There would be no way. Vehicles that have broken down for good would pile up and we would very soon be buried in piles of automotive rubble. At the end of the day, recycling our dead cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles, means that our environment is far better off.

So, the undeniable reality is that humanity cannot do without scrap yards. Whether one refers to them as salvage yards, junk yards, cash for car companies or car removal experts, and this fact remains. All the parts and materials found within your average salvage car need recycling, and these people are there to do it. What’s more, cheap and affordable second hand parts are easier to get from them!

Behind the Scenes at your Local Scrap Yard in Wellington

The scrap yard’s list of tasks begins with acquiring scrap vehicles that they can then recycle. The means by which they complete this goal is to offer money to anyone who has an old broken down clunker taking up space somewhere around their property. It could be a truck, van, SUV, 4×4, Ute or car, it doesn’t matter.

After the automobile in question has been hauled back to the yard, this is when the magic begins. Every fluid is drained so as not to make a mess that pollutes the environment. Then the parts are all removed. If it is re-usable, it is added to the used parts stock inventory. If it is too far damaged or in too much disrepair, it is sold as scrap metal to the appropriate people.

What the Auto Recycling Process Involves

As has been said, the vehicle can’t be dismantled without draining fluids first. They are toxic and extremely harmful for plants and animals. They need to be properly disposed of or re-used somehow. After that, the tyres are next, along with the battery and oil tank. All these parts are incredibly easy to recycle.

One might wonder what the value of these used parts is. It depends on the part, how old the part is, its condition, make and model. A transmission will be worth more than a window. And a part from a popular make or model will be more valuable than one from a more obscure origin. Older parts tend to be less valuable as well, for obvious reasons.

What Happens to the Parts that can’t be Re-used?

Scrap cars are going to have parts that can’t be re-used. That is why they are scrap in the first place. They have reached the point of no return. The level of damage and disrepair they have taken on has resulted in it being too costly to fix them. So, what happens to these parts? They are sold to a scrap metal vendor.

The conclusion that one is forced to arrive at is that scrap yards are indispensable. If you have a scrap car and living anywhere in the lower north Island, sell it to Kiwi Auto Wreckers, your local vehicle recycling expert.


November 19, 2019

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