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When it comes to buying any vehicle most people are often confused whether to go for a used or new one. If you are thinking to buy a van, you might also find yourself confused.

Today many people prefer using vans for their outdoor activities. That being said, many vans are equipped with devices and power that make it reliable automobiles. They are designed to be a reliable vehicle when you need to drive long distances. Although new vans are highly reliable and durable but it can cost you a fortune. This is why most van buyers like being savvier and look for second hand vans. However, buying a second hand van can be unsafe if you are not well aware about its condition.

Here, we have given some important points that you must look for to find a reliable used van:

First, decide what you want

Choosing the right van can be a really overwhelming task just like buying a house. These days most people may need to buy a vehicle for a number of reasons. Some buy vans to go on family trips around the town on weekends. While some use it as a potential horse for their start up business. Some people also plan to turn their vans into a camper for their weekend getaways. It is necessary that you figure out what you are going to buy based on your need.

Therefore, when you look forward to buy a van you must decide what you size and type you want. For instance, if you plan to start a basic landscaping business, there is no point in purchasing a huge vehicle of 3.5 tonne.

Do your research

It is the most important part of the process of buying a vehicle, whether used or new. The best place where you can commence your search is on the internet. You can go through a number of advertisements of vehicle with similar models and brands.

With this knowledge you can negotiate like a pro with any private vehicle dealer and get a reasonable deal. Other than this, you can take a look at the price guide of online dealers. It will help you to find an automobile while staying in your budget. While doing your search you can even print a list of models or just note it down to show the dealer while negotiating.

These days you can also find relevant information on social media platforms like Facebook. You can join owners’ forums and get free access to know positive and negative experiences of owners’ of models that you want. This will help you to understand what issues to look for while going for a test drive.  Plus you will be able to set a reasonable budget to buy an automobile without affecting your financial position.

Set your search limits  

Today you can find abundant option when it comes to buy or sell a van. Even if you do a little search on eBay you can find a large number of sellers. Beside this you can check out Facebook pages to look for models in which you are interested. Or, you can check owners’ forum they are a reliable source when it comes to purchasing great working used van.

With such a vast variety of available options you will have no difficulty in finding suitable vehicle. But the difficult part is narrowing down your search results. This is where you need to consider the important aspects like how much you are willing to stay in your budget.

Check its history

Before you decide to finally go for a particular vehicle it is really important to know that it is in good condition. You can know this by going through its history report. You must ensure that it is being serviced on a regular basis. A great way to know this check it’s mileage. If it has a high mileage, then it is in a well-maintained condition and used only for carrying light loads. Whereas if it shows a lower mileage, it indicates that the automobile is being used to transport heavy goods.

Therefore, make sure to gather as much knowledge as you can before deciding to buy a vehicle. Always remember to take it for a test drive and also check its REGO status. It is a great idea to go through all of its previous records as well. is the perfect platform to get the vehicle previous records. This way you can find out if it failed or passed the necessary maintenance tests. If it has failed any test, you will clearly see any signs of defects and problems. You can also check any advisory notices in its history that have been issued in regard to a problem.

When you schedule a test drive, make sure that you proper insurance. It is particularly helpful when you are dealing with a private seller. If you are not insured make sure to get insurance cover for short-term. Talk to your insurance company to know the cost of getting a short-term cover.

Do a quick visual inspection

Apart from checking vehicle’s history make sure to do a quick visual inspection. It is a good way to assure that you are buying a van in perfect condition. Always remember to look for any signs of rust.

Don’t ignore to check around the door frame and under the wheel arches. Sometimes it can be difficult to fix rusted areas in vehicles. When you see rust on any part, make sure to gently press it down. If you notice any cracking sound, then it could be a serious issue. Other than this, pay close attention to any signs of repairs or damages from accident. You can often spot it by looking out for paint colours that don’t seem to match.

Don’t forget to check it from outside

First of all, make sure that it has correct tyres that are in a good shape. If notice any wear and tear across the front or back treads, you will need to replace it. This can cost you a lot of dollars which won’t make it a deal worthwhile. Sometimes there can be also a suspension issue or wrong alignment of wheels. Make sure it has appropriate tyre depth (which must not be less than the legal limit of minimum 1.6m).

In order to check the real status of suspension system you can carry out a bounce test. Just hard press the suspension from one corner and notice how often it bounces back. If the shock absorbers have no problem, it will get back to its initial position quicker.

Take a good look inside the vehicle

Besides checking the automobile from outside make sure to have a look at its interior as well. Just take a good look inside the cabin. If it is not cleaned and maintained, then it will appear as worn-out. You can easily notice any accumulated grime as well.

Here a few more important things that must check inside the vehicle: Check the condition of windscreen wipers, check all electronic controls work properly and check the seat belts lock are properly working. The most important thing is to check if all the doors in the vehicle are opening smooth from inside and outside. In addition to this, be sure to check the air conditioning and heater are working properly. If you notice any awful odour there can be a blockage or fault with part.

Do some mechanical checks

When you start your vehicle from cold, notice if its exhaust gives out any blue or black smoke. You must look out if the check engine lights stay on. While you accelerate the van, notice any awkward banging or rattling sounds. Similarly, listen out any knocking, grinding or squeaking sound when using the brakes during test drive. Make sure the steering wheel is well responsive.

If you can invest a little. You can get a pre purchase inspection from AA which will give you a peace of mind because experts can look deeper inside when it comes to get the right mechanical check.

Make safe payment and collect your van

Once you find the right van and happy with its performance, it’s time to negotiate a fair deal. When you settle at a fair price, make sure to complete the necessary documents before collection. Informing NZTA is the great idea. Also, remember to organize an insurance cover and taxes before you finally collect the van.

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