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If you are thinking about cancelling the registration of your vehicle, you need a proper guide to avoid any trouble. Basically, when you cancel the registration of your car it means you cannot legally drive it on the road. It removes the automobile’s registration from your local Motor Vehicle Register department.

If an insurance agency or registered person applies for the cancellation of automobile’s registration. It can be only done by the NZ Transport Agency. In some circumstances they may cancel your auto registration without getting your request.

However, if you are not actually selling the vehicle and only thinking of using it after 3-4 months. You may not need to request the registration cancellation.

Why you may need to cancel your car’s registration

You can request for the cancellation of your registration in the following situations:

  • Your car is declared as written off by your insurance agency.
  • You have made some significant modifications in it.
  • Your vehicle has been permanently damaged in an accident and selling your car to wreckers.
  • It cannot be used on the road due to being permanently destroyed.
  • It is permanently removed from New Zealand.

However, you cannot apply for the automobile’s registration in the following cases:

  • You are not the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • It has been stolen and you haven’t found it.
  • You have lost the vehicle’s plates or it was stolen.
  • Wanting to change the plates.
  • You want to take off the automobile temporarily.
  • The person has sold the automobile but the new buyer hasn’t notified it to the NZ transport agency.
  • You have recovered the plates but just keeping them.

What you need to do for cancelling the registration

  1. Fill out an application (MR15) form for requesting the cancellation of registration (MR15).
  2. Make payment for administration charges at a registration agent.
  3. Show a valid photographic identification for proof.
  4. If you don’t want to hand in the plates, just give them to the agent. Otherwise, you will not get back the licence fee which you haven’t used.

If you have unpaid licensing fees

You have to pay the licensing charges from the date when your auto licence expired till the cancellation date. This is mostly done in situations when you have an automobile with an expired licence. You can pay the fee after cancellation of registration or at the same time. If you decide to pay fees at the same time, you will have to also pay administration charges up to $9.10.

On the other hand, if you decide to pay at a later date:

  • You will receive a notice at your email for payment of remaining licence fee.
  • You will also need to pay up to $9.10 for administration fee, at the time of cancelling.

Make sure to pay the fee within 14 days of the date given on the payment notice. And, when you pay the fee make sure pay $10.20 as extra administration charges.

Your application will be sent to Transport Agency

Once you have applied for the cancellation and paid the necessary fees. The NZ Transport agency will receive your application from the agent. After checking it, we’ll inform the Motor Vehicle Register for cancelling your registration.

How much refund you can expect

You will get a refund equal to the fee paid for unexpired licence. However, you will not get a refund for transaction fee that you paid for purchasing the payment. When you get a return it will be at the discretion of registrar and audited as well.

If you live in New Zealand and planning to move to another country, you may want a refund amount in your bank account ASAP. Make sure to give this application along with the information regarding your bank account. Also, make sure to return the number plates in order to get a quick refund.

  • If your automobile has been destroyed in a collision or mishap like flood or fire. It can be impossible to get back the number plates. You will need to obtain a confirmation letter from the fire brigade or police in this case.
  • While if your vehicle have been wrecked or dismantled by an auto wrecker. You will need to get a confirmation letter from them.

If you are not registered

If you haven’t bought the automobile or you’re not the registered person, you may not be able to apply for cancellation of registration. In order to apply for cancelling the registration you must be registered owner of the automobile. Make sure to inform us, if the vehicle has been gifted to you. After then only you can request for cancelling the registration.

If you can’t contact an agent

If you are registered owner of automobile but you aren’t able to find a reliable agent for the cancellation process. You can do the following things:

  • Give your NZ driver licence number as ID. You can put it on the MR15 form.
  • Fill out the details and sign the form.
  • Also, give your number plates, original ID, and form to a reliable friend or relative. They can take it to an agent on your behalf.

When you have road user charges (RUC)

If your automobile is covered by road user charges (RUC), make sure it is up to date. You will need to show an up to date RUC before your auto registration gets cancelled. If you have not paid any RUC, get an invoice for the unpaid amount.

When you need to cancel the registration of a heavy automobile, you will need to mention correct odometer and hub odometer in the MR15 form. Whereas, you will need to mention odometer reading for your light RUC automobile.

Registration cancelled by the Transport Agency

If your automobile needs regular licensing and you haven’t licenced it for over one year. It’s registration will get cancelled automatically. So, you will have to get it registered again when you wish to put it back on the road.

What you need to use your vehicle again on the road

If you want to put the automobile back on the road after a few months from cancellation of your registration. You may need to follow the following steps:

  • Get it inspected by a professional.
  • Obtain the certification.
  • Get it registered.
  • Get the automobile’s licensing.
  • Recover the registration plates and labels that were issued to you.


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