After being in a road accident, it is normal to take the vehicle that you were driving to the mechanic or panel beater for fixing. However, if your car has been so severely damaged that your insurance company believes that the repairs will be more expensive than the car is worth, a different story emerges.

In this story, you now own a car that has been labelled as being a salvage vehicle. It is a total loss, and many will refer to it thusly as being “totalled.”

This post is going to attempt and succeed in answering everything you have ever wondered about scrap cars. From what exactly they are to how much they can be worth, for the low-down on scrap vehicles, read onwards!

How to Know Whether a Vehicle is a Salvage Vehicle

This is the most important question to answer. The answer is simple. Any vehicle that has sustained so much damage via neglect, age or wear and tear, that repair will cost more than it is worth. A car can be in great condition, except for a blown engine. If it is so old that its value has depleted to an amount below the cost of having the engine repaired or replaced, it is a scrap vehicle. It will be just as useless as a car that has been totalled in an accident.

When does an Automobile get a Salvage Title and What Does it Mean to You?

Who gives automobiles salvage titles? Your insurance company will be the ones to title your car as being a salvage vehicle. There are many ramifications that come with this title. You won’t be able to drive the car, if it is driveable. It must first be inspected by a professional that has been picked by the company. If you have fixed the car, against recommendations, it will get a new title, a rebuilt title. Now you will be able to take it out for a ride at your leisure.

Can You Sell a Scrap Car?

It seems to be common sense that a scrap car cannot be sold, as no-one would want to buy one. But there are folk out there who spend good money on junk cars. But them happens to be in the form of companies, commonly called Scrap Car Removal Service. They are also known as auto wrecking companies as well. This is because they take your car back to their salvage yard after buying it, and recycle the whole thing.

If you have a junk car that you would like to sell, and you live in NZ, you are in luck. You can sell it to your local scrap car buyers. They pay more for junk vehicle than anyone else. They will buy your vehicle no matter what make or model it is, and regardless of its condition. Call them up or contact them online and they will give you a free quote of the most generous and accuracy.

What else can I do with my salvage titled car?

If you find yourself expert in parting out a car yourself then another option could be sell a car for parts. However, make sure that:

  • You have a full knowledge of dismantling a car
  • Fully concerned about the Health & Safety
  • You have plenty of time to execute your ideas
  • Ready to deal with the huge mess after the dismantling process including metal recycling and dangerous gases or harmful oil drainage.

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