Introducing King Auto

If there is a car sitting in your garage that cannot be driven any longer due to its condition, you may be wondering how on earth you are going to dispose of it. Well, it is easy to do this if you are living in Auckland or anywhere in North Island, NZ. At King Auto, buying scrap vehicles is what they do. And they love doing it because they excel at it.


How do they help?

The reason why King Auto decided to start a business where they buy junk cars is to provide a very important service to the community. This service being providing the folk of Auckland with a way to dispose of an old and useless vehicle while making money at the same time!

If they didn’t do this, a lot of people would have no method for getting rid of bothersome junk cars. They would just dump them in a landfill, which is very bad for the environment. Here are ten exceptional reasons why selling your car to King Auto is the superior choice to make. Read more why choose King Auto.


The Ten Top Reasons why King Auto are the Leading Auto Wreckers

  1. They are expert auto recycling professionals who care about the environment.
  2. There isn’t a faster way to sell your car. The amount of time that will pass from the moment you call King Auto to the moment you get paid top cash is less than a day!
  3. Your car will be removed for free. Most auto wrecking companies ask their customers to pay for removal, or at least receive less money for their car than they otherwise would have to make up for the cost of removal. Not King Auto.
  4. King Auto Give Free Quotes. Give them a call or go online and fill out the quote request form.
  5. The team at King Auto have over twenty years of combined experience between them. This is how you know that you will get the best service.
  6. They take care of all the Paperwork. All you have to do is sign the paperwork and it is all done! This is all in the name of convenience for the customer.
  7. Their customer service representatives are friendly and helpful.
  8. They pay well! You may have the misconception floating around in your head that junk cars are worthless. Many people are currently cheating themselves out of good cash simply by harbouring this untrue belief. There are parts and materials on your clunker that will make you a nice amount of cash if you would just give King Auto a call.
  9. They are expert auto recycling professionals who care about the environment.
  10. When it comes to accurate price estimates based on make, model, condition and age, none can beat King Auto. Both generous and accurate, they look at all the different parts and make the best call as to the value of said car.

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  1. Dan says:

    Do they buy scrap, junk or unwanted cars as well?

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