Are you about to sell your car? You will most likely want the best price for it. This is a normal part of human nature. If you could compare the vehicle selling process to anything, you would compare it to putting your house on the market. When people do this, one thing they often do is try to get their house to be worth as much money as possible. This serves the dual purpose of making their house more valuable, while ensuring the likelihood that someone will buy it at all is very high.

Most people don’t see this similarity, however. And they end up thinking that making their vehicle more valuable is nothing but a pipedream. In other words, the value of any vehicle is not going to change no matter what you do to the automobile in question. However, this simply is not the case at all. You can do something about your vehicle’s resale value. Here are some hints and tips to help you achieve this lofty goal.

Make the Interior Look and Smell Great

There is a commonly held myth making the rounds. It concerns the interior of cars, and how important it is to make them tidy when the time comes to sell. Many people think that they don’t need to do this. They are very far off the mark if they think this.

When you sell your car, prospective buyers will almost certainly look at what your car’s interior is like. They are going to be sitting in there every time they need to get somewhere, which will be a daily occurrence.

Begin the process with the vacuum cleaner. If you can, rent an industrial vacuum cleaner to really get every last particle of dirt. But if you can’t, no big deal. Find any stains and get rid of them. This can be done using a mix of hot water and dishwashing liquid.

If the seats are worn, buy new seat covers. You will likely need to buy mats as well. Use some air freshener to make the interior smell nice. This is particularly important if you have been smoking and eating in your car. Don’t do either of those things at least a month before putting your car up for sale.

Completing Minor Repairs

There are many repairs that can fall under the “minor” category. Getting any one of them done will increase the value of your car, and the money spent on doing it will be worth it. This includes fixing faulty indicator lights, seatbelts that aren’t functioning at full capacity, and any scratches or dents that your vehicle happens to have accumulated over the years.

It will also be useful for you to have a bunch of components checked, just to make sure they are in good working order. What parts are we talking about here? Wind-screen wipers, air filters, window functionality, safety features, the check engine light, and so forth. These tiny repairs and checks will not put a huge dent in your finances.

Clean your Vehicle’s Exterior

What are people going to see when they first meet your car? The exterior. And as we all know, people are judgemental. They judge at first sight. The judge books by their covers. Your vehicle may be in amazing condition mechanically. It may have the best fuel economy. Perhaps it handles like a dream. All of that means nothing if it is filthy. Buyers will take one look at it and think that they don’t want it.

That is why cleaning it on the outside is an indispensable part of the preparation process for selling a car. If you don’t do it, you risk lowering your chances of being able to sell drastically. Fortunately, you have a few different options available. You can get it cleaned professionally or buy some products and do it yourself. Don’t forget to wax it. Look out for dings and scratches while cleaning so that you know what to get fixed when doing that. How to stop your vehicle from getting scrapes, dents and sun damaged to the paint job.

Check Your Vehicle’s Tyres

The tyres are an important part of the car’s safety. If they are in bad condition, they are a danger to whoever is driving and the other drivers around them. Look at how deep the tread is. If the tread is any less than 1.5mm. In the event that you find out that your tyres are well on their way to being bald, you should get them replaced straight away, even if you aren’t selling them.

It is also not a bad idea to have them professionally rotated. If they are in fine condition, have them polished to get them all shiny.

Look at the Lights

The lights need to be both clean and working properly in order to make your vehicle as valuable as you can.  Test them, beginning with the ones on the interior. In the event of finding one that doesn’t work, have it replaced. Test the indicator lights, test the headlights, and test them all. Every last light needs a good testing.

Have the Battery and Belt’s Health Checked

This is the part where you are looking at the engine. This can be done professionally. If you simply pay for a professional to do it, they will look at all the relevant parts. But if you do it yourself, know what to check. Every belt needs looking at, as well as the battery. Look to see if there is any corrosion.

Check the Fluids

Your car has all kinds of fluids in it. Make sure they are all in ample supply. Brake fluid needs to be at the right level, as does the coolant. You don’t want your car overheating. The engine oil is important to have clean and at a good amount. Your mechanic can make sure of this.

Have all Maintenance Records Ready

Prospective buyers will be happy to see that your car has been well looked after. Having proof of this fact is therefore a great way to make them willing to spend a lot of money on buying it. They can see first-hand that you have not been neglecting your ride.

All of these hints and tips should help you to get the best price for your car. If you want to sell it within the space of one day, why not get in touch with your local Auckland Auto Wreckers? They will buy it fast and with no hassle! Good luck.


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