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Getting rid of a car or other variation of automobile that happens to be in extremely bad condition will seem like it should be hard. If you live in Brisbane, this is something that you no longer need to worry about at all. It turns out that this is such an easy task that a child could do it, although they shouldn’t. How? QLD Wreckers will buy your run down clunker off you, and they will pay you good money too! You are welcome to drop them a line by calling 07 3393 9929. Or drop by their website and find the quote request form.

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What Do They Do to Help?

There are so many ways that QLD Wreckers help. One of these many ways is the fact that they provide you with a quick and easy way to sell a car that no-one else wants. Another is that they provide people who need some quick money with a way to get it by selling their automobile. And on top of that, they also provide you with free removal, removing the need for you to hire a towing company and spending money.

They are also helping the environment! By recycling steel products, that steel won’t need to be mined. Mining is very harmful to the environment. And all the toxic substances within your average junk car will be drained and recycled as well, rather than be left to leak into the ground.

Here are the Full Ten Reasons

  1. The environment benefits from their exceptional junk car recycling services
  2. You will be able to sell your automobile as quickly as possible. This is a god-send if you need some fast cash to pay off some overdue bills.
  3. You can enjoy a free removal service that will mean that you don’t have to spend money, reducing the amount of cash you end up with when all is said and done.
  4. They will help you know how much your car is worth by giving free quotes. Call them or fill out the online form.
  5. The amount of experience they have accumulated over the years adds collectively up to twenty, which means that you can trust their reliability levels are high.
  6. All the Paperwork is done for you, except for the part where you have to sign the paperwork.
  7. You will have trouble finding a friendlier team of customer service representatives.
  8. Get more cash for your clunker than you can expect to get from anyone else. The people at QLD Wreckers pay up to $9’999 for cars that are in good enough condition, and up to $15’000 for trucks, SUV’s, vans and other larger commercial trucks & other automobiles.
  9. They will remove your automobile from your property and they will not charge you a solitary dime for this service.
  10. You can sell your car to them no matter what the make or model happens to be, or what condition it happens to be in.

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