Anyone who has ever done any amount of off-road driving can testify as to how much of a good time can be had. Those good times can be ruined if misfortune has its way and causes the vehicle that is being driven to get stuck in the mud. The frustration that is experienced by people caught in this predicament is always overbearing. So, it is very important that one arms themselves with the knowledge of how to get out of it! Here are some great tips that you may appreciate if you ever find yourself stuck in the mud during an off-road trip.

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Cease your Acceleration Efforts at Once

When one’s car gets caught in the mud, the first instinctive response is to accelerate. It just seems intuitively correct that this will provide the solution. But life is often counter-intuitive. You will actually be causing the wheels to dig themselves deeper into the mud.

The better course of action is to proceed with extremely light and slow forward movement. Try a slow backward movement too. Move left and right with the steering wheel as well, at it can enhance your tyre’s grip. A very light acceleration may help, but be careful.

Take a Moment to Gather Yourself and Calm Down

Panicking comes easily in times like this. But panicking can lead to extremely poor decision making. If you want to have control of the situation, your head-space should be balanced and centred. If your off-road automobile seems as though it is the beginning stages of being bogged in the mud, take a minute. Feel the breath entering and leaving your nostrils. Focus your attention on this sensation. It should act as a thought slowing process, and will quiet your brain so it can make decisions.

Get Something for the Tyres to Grip onto

The thing about loose mud that allows tyres to get stuck is the fact that tyres have nothing to grip onto. You will need to find something. This is when planning ahead may come in handy. But if you haven’t planned, find a plank of wood, or perhaps a mat. Attempt to get it under the wheel that turns during acceleration.

Get Help

Perhaps none of those courses of action turned out to be the right solution. Don’t despair. You are lucky enough to live in the age of cell phones. Use your cell phone to call someone to come along with a tow bar on their vehicle. If no-one is available to do that, maybe someone can help push your vehicle out of the mud.

There are also assistance companies who are available. In North Island you can call Cash4Car and they can give you a helping hand. And don’t forget to plan ahead when you are out on an off-road driving trip by bringing something for your car’s tyres to grip on. It is better to be safe than it is to be sorry.


September 20, 2021

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